Personal Power and Credibility

Anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for getting results using personal power.


Expected Duration
24 minutes

Authority carries a certain type of power – typically position power. A person is granted the power and authority to meet goals and get results through a responsible job definition and accountability. The police officer that cites you for speeding. The financial manager that calls for an audit. The company manager that decides how to allocate the budget. People may comply, rebel, resist, or gripe about those in authority, but there is a reason and purpose for such positional power. On the other hand, most of the results that get accomplished in organizations come from the use of personal power and not solely reliant on direct authority. This is especially true in our work environments today, where information sources and networking contacts are accessible to all as means to results. But ultimately it comes down to personal credibility, influence, and political savvy. This course focuses on the power that comes with being credible and trustworthy.


Personal Power and Credibility

  • recognize the traits associated with personal and positional power
  • choose whether to use personal power or positional power in a given situation
  • identify the factors that supports a claim of credibility
  • select actions that build credibility
  • identify actions that help to earn trust
  • recognize opportunities to build trust
  • demonstrate personal power by building credibility and trust




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