PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2010

End users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel 2010 at an advanced level

Some knowledge of basic word processing, computing, and spreadsheets; familiarity with the Microsoft Office work environment; an understanding of the Internet and web-page functionality

Expected Duration
60 minutes

One of the most powerful tools that Excel 2010 provides is a PivotTable that allows you to dynamically reorganize and display your data. PivotTables can summarize huge amounts of data by category without the need to input complex formulas or spend long hours manually reorganizing your spreadsheet. PivotTables also allow you to choose and change what you want to summarize, quickly and easily. This course will introduce you to PivotTables and show you the many benefits they provide.


Working with PivotTables

  • create a PivotTable report
  • rearranging data in PivotTable reports
  • customize PivotTable reports
  • modify a PivotTable report’s design
  • create a PivotChart
  • modify a PivotChart report
  • create a PivotTable report
  • customize a PivotTable report
  • create a PivotChart report





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