Planning an Effective Presentation

Individuals who want to improve their presentation skills

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Expected Duration
29 minutes

Concern about the impact of a presentation can inspire presenters to raise their game, enabling them to get the desired results. A presentation can be immeasurably improved if the presenter devotes sufficient time and attention to planning. In this course, you’ll learn how to define and understand your audience’s characteristics, knowledge, needs, and responses. You’ll also learn how to organize your presentation’s timing, purpose, key points, and approach. Finally, you’ll learn about different presentation methods and when they’re most effectively used.


Presentation Planning

  • recognize strategies for defining audience characteristics and knowledge
  • identify examples of guidelines for anticipating audience needs and responses
  • recall guidelines for ensuring a presentation’s timing and purpose are appropriate for the content
  • list strategies for identifying supporting facts and key points when planning a presentation
  • recognize presentation approaches in action
  • choose the appropriate presentation method in a given scenario
  • identify which hands-on presentation method is appropriate in a given scenario
  • recognize key considerations and strategies for planning an effective presentation




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