Planning and Implementing an Active Directory Infrastructure

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To identify the role and features of Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and the factors and requirements for planning and implementing an Active Directory infrastructure

Target Audience

Systems administrators, systems engineers, systems analysts, IT consultants, and support professionals with responsibility for planning, implementing, and maintaining Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory; learners preparing for MCSE certification exams


Experience in implementing and administrating Windows network operating systems with directory services, and a proficient working knowledge of networking concepts

Expected Duration

220 min.

Course Objectives

Planning and Implementing an Active Directory Infrastructure

  • identify the role and features of Active Directory as a directory service in Windows Server 2003.
  • distinguish between the features of Active Directory and their role in the logical and physical network structure.
  • choose the appropriate Active Directory administration tool in a given scenario.
  • recognize the steps involved in creating an Active Directory structure.
  • verify and troubleshoot an Active Directory installation in a given scenario.
  • set an Active Directory forest or domain functional level in a given scenario.
  • install and configure an Active Directory forest and domain structure.
  • suggest the best practices involved in installing and administering an Active Directory infrastructure.
  • suggest a suitable strategy for backing up Active Directory.
  • suggest a suitable restore operation in a given scenario.
  • carry out a backup and restore operation on Active Directory in an enterprise environment.