Planning for Change

Individuals taking on roles in change project management and others who want to develop or refine their skills for leading and sustaining change in an organization


Expected Duration
28 minutes

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Change project managers need to understand the role of the guiding coalition, and the appropriate level of involvement it has based on the rigor of the change project at hand. They also must understand how to assign levels of influence, assess, and interpret stakeholder input. Additionally, you will need to facilitate the creation of a code for change – outlining the behaviors that will support the change and, in some instances, how members of the organization will be held accountable. The correct application of a guiding coalition, stakeholder influence, and a code for change will help make your change effort succeed.


Collaborative Planning for Change

  • determine the level of rigor and type of guiding coalition required for a change project
  • recognize readiness for change using stakeholder inputs
  • recognize best practices for facilitating the construction of a collaborative code for change
  • plan for successful change





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