Planning Meetings Fit for Purpose

Individuals who want to develop their planning, managing, and facilitation skills for running effective business meetings


Expected Duration
20 minutes

Have you ever sat through a meeting that you felt was a waste of your time? Maybe the meeting wasn’t relevant to you or it was just poorly run. Perhaps it lacked a clear purpose. The root cause of ineffective meetings is almost always poor planning. Meetings are among the most expensive forms of communication in today’s business environment, so it’s essential to make the investment worthwhile. This course outlines a process for preparing for effective meetings. First, you’ll learn how to clarify the purpose and objectives of a meeting. Second, you’ll learn how to determine if the meeting is required, or if a meeting alternative can fulfill the objectives. Third, you’ll learn how to choose the best participants. Fourth, you’ll learn how to create the agenda. And fifth, you’ll learn how to prepare yourself and your participants for a successful meeting. The next time you need to prepare a meeting, the methods introduced in this course will help you make the most of your and your participants’ valuable time. You’ll also learn how to effectively start a meeting.


Make Plans to Make Meetings Work

  • recognize the value of planning meetings
  • identify the questions to ask to determine if a meeting is necessary
  • identify who should participate in a meeting
  • use a process for creating an effective agenda
  • recognize how to prepare yourself and others for a meeting
  • recognize the goals served by examples of opening statements in a meeting





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