PostgreSQL Database Fundamentals Part #1

Information workers interested in developing fundamental skills in the Sequel Query language (SQL) using the PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System (RMDBS) and database engine.


Expected Duration
188 minutes

The course covers the downloading, installation and configuration of the PostgreSQL RDBMS. In addition, the course discusses the key PostgreSQL DDL and DML SQL commands, and the deployment of various PostgreSQL table constraints.



  • start the course
  • outline the PostgreSQL product
  • download and install PostgreSQL
  • login to the Administration Console and connect to the default database
  • work with the components of the PostgreSQL architecture
  • outline security fundamentals for PostgreSQL objects

Working with PostgreSQL objects

  • create database objects
  • create schema objects
  • define the various data types and understand the PRIMARY KEY constraint
  • create a table
  • add data to a table
  • retrieve data from tables
  • retrieve data using the Query builder tool

Working with PostgreSQL DDL & DML

  • work with SQL DML commands
  • working with SQL DML CREATE command in PostgreSQL
  • working with SQL DML commands in PostgreSQL
  • work with default values for defined columns
  • work with the ALTER TABLE command in PostgreSQL
  • working with SQL DML INSERT INTO command in PostgreSQL
  • working with SQL DML UPDATE and DELETE commands in PostgreSQL
  • working with SQL DML SELECT command in PostgreSQL

Working with PostgreSQL Constraints

  • describe constraints in PostgreSQL
  • work with the NOT NULL constraint
  • work with the UNIQUE constraint
  • work with CHECK constraints
  • work with the SERIAL data type

Practice: Deploying PostgreSQL

  • define and describe the PostgreSQL DDL commands





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