Pre-retirement Planning for FERS

Federal employees

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

All federal employees should be aware that the federal government starts the retirement planning process immediately upon employing an individual in a permanent position. The government has passed legislation that each employee covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) will be mandated to contribute into the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (CSRDF), the Social Security Fund, and the Medicare Fund. Legislation was also passed to establish a savings and investment plan – the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) – which is voluntary, in order for each employee to have a supplemental annuity in retirement. Although the government starts the planning process, each employee also needs to plan and prepare for retirement. It is a full career process, from the date of employment to the date of retirement. This course will provide federal employees with sufficient information to enable them to make informed decisions about retirement planning.
This course was edited and updated by Georgia Bohuslav, Federal Retirement Consultant, Subject Matter Expert (SME). The course materials and content are for informational purposes only and do not constitute personal retirement advice. Transmission of the information is not intended to create a retirement consultant relationship with an employee. Readers should not act upon this information without seeking individual retirement counseling with a Human Resource Specialist within their specific agency. The information provided is general information only and it may or may not reflect the most current retirement information.


FERS Retirement Eligibility

  • identify eligibility requirements related to continuing FEHB into retirement
  • identify eligibility requirements related to continuing FEGLI into retirement

Types of FERS Retirements

  • identify the FERS eligibility requirements related to immediate and early voluntary retirement
  • identify the FERS eligibility requirements related to deferred retirements, disability retirements, and annuity supplements
  • identify the FERS eligibility requirements related to Social Security, long term care, and Thrift Savings Plans

FERS Creditability of Service

  • identify requirements related to creditability of service under FERS

Reviewing Annuity-related Information

  • identify items to check for when reviewing your Official Personnel Folder

FERS Survivor Benefits

  • identify eligibility requirements for FERS survivor benefits





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