Preparing and Packaging Applications For Deployment

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This course covers the key aspects of and approaches to packaging .NET applications for deployment and is one of a series that prepares students for Microsoft exam 70-487.

Target Audience

Developers wanting to learn about packaging their .NET solutions for deployment and those preparing for Microsoft exam 70-487.



Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Deploying a .NET Application Using Xcopy

  • use Xcopy to deploy a .NET application without packaging it
  • Application Packaging and Deployment in .NET

  • describe application packaging and deployment options in .NET
  • Debug and Release Mode

  • switch between the Debug and Release modes
  • Configuring IIS Server Settings with SetParameters

  • configure IIS server settings using an in-built mechanism
  • Setting Application Permissions and Passwords

  • set application permissions and passwords
  • Enabling and Monitoring ASP.NET App Suspend

  • configure the new App Suspend model
  • Using XSLT Transformations to Prepare Files

  • use XSLT transformations to prepare web.config files for packaging
  • Selecting Content to Package

  • include or exclude files in a final application package
  • Including Package Certificates

  • describe how certificates are used and how to include them in application packages
  • Using SetParameters for an IIS App Pool

  • create and configure an IIS Application Pool
  • Configuring Azure Configuration Settings

  • configure the settings for an Azure deployment or just a single role
  • Using Interning to Share Assemblies

  • use interning to share assemblies across servers and projects
  • Assembly Signing and Strong Naming

  • implement assembly signing and strong naming
  • Adding an Assembly to the Global Assembly Cache

  • add an assembly to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) as part of an application deployment
  • File and Assembly Versioning

  • implement assembly and file versioning
  • Creating an Assembly Manifest

  • create an assembly manifest
  • Configuring Assembly Binding Redirects

  • configure assembly binding redirects
  • Manually Creating a Package

  • manually create an application package for deployment
  • Creating an IIS Install Package

  • create an IIS install package for distributing a web application
  • Creating a Package as Part of a Build Process

  • automatically create an application package as part of the build process
  • Automating a Build from a TFS Build Server

  • automate a build from a TFS build server
  • Azure Configuration for an Application Package

  • configure Azure settings for an application as part of the packaging process
  • Exercise: Prepare an Application for Deployment