Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

Management level employees wanting to develop or refine their skills in delivering a difficult message to their direct reports, colleagues, or superiors

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

For managers, approaching a difficult conversation – whether it’s with a direct report, colleague, or manager – can provoke feelings of anxiety and discomfort. What may initially appear to be an emotionally charged conversation can, however, prove to be a fruitful and meaningful discussion. Managers can turn what normally represents a difficult encounter into a positive experience. This requires a solid understanding of what constitutes a difficult conversation and a firm grasp of how to prepare for it. This course introduces the essentials of difficult conversations, including an explanation of what they are and why they’re difficult, how to manage the stress commonly associated with them, and how to prepare for and deal with them.


Preparing for a Difficult Conversation

  • identify the guidelines to follow to determine when to have a difficult conversation
  • recognize examples of the steps to take to change your negative internal monologue to a constructive one
  • recognize the stages for preparing for a difficult conversation that have been followed in a given scenario
  • identify the statements or actions made by a manager that indicate the right frame of mind during a difficult conversation
  • identify the appropriate mind-set to have when approaching a conversation




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