Preparing for an Internal Interview

Individuals preparing for an interview within the organization where they are employed

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Preparing for an internal interview requires a unique strategy to leverage one thing you have over external candidates: an internal understanding of how your organization operates. Making the most of this knowledge can be a major asset to you. Whether it’s being able to participate in conversations about your company and industry or demonstrating that you understand the organizational culture, being on the inside means you have a great advantage, which you don’t want to waste. Climbing the organizational ladder takes more than a view from the inside, though. You also need to prove you’re ready for the next step in your career. You must be able to create the right impression to show you’re competent and ready to perform to the challenges that will come with your new role. This course explores three essential steps in preparing for an internal interview: improving your inside knowledge; assessing your skills, accomplishments, and values; and preparing strong answers to the questions you’ll face in the interview.


Preparation Strategies for the Interviewee

  • recognize types and sources of information that will be useful to you in preparing for an internal interview
  • describe how to assess your personal assets in preparation for an internal interview
  • prepare effective responses to anticipated interview questions




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