Preventing Problem Performance

Managers, supervisors, project team leaders, and human resource professionals who need to deal with problem performance both informally and formally

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Few workplaces are entirely free of performance issues. However, you can prevent many problems from developing, and keep small issues from growing into serious ones, by effectively planning, monitoring, and communicating for good performance. Nurturing a culture of performance that includes a strong performance management system is a proactive approach that can prevent problems by helping employees perform to their highest potential. With regular communication and the right mix of monitoring techniques, you can motivate employees toward good performance and identify problems before they get out of hand.
This course explores how you can prevent problems using performance management activities such as communicating expectations and motivating for good performance. It also covers performance monitoring techniques, including employee self-monitoring, and shows you how to communicate about performance with your employees to achieve the best results.


Preventing Problems Using Performance Management

  • describe how strong performance management helps to prevent performance problems
  • recognize performance planning interactions that are collaborative and motivating
  • analyze a supervisor’s approach to monitoring
  • recognize good practices for communicating feedback in a given interaction




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