Preventing Unhealthy Workplace Conflict

Any individual who wants to develop or refresh their skills at recognizing and responding to workplace conflict


Expected Duration
30 minutes

Conflict, when hurtful or unresolved, puts distance between people who need to work together, and often results in a loss of talent. ‘Not getting along’ shouldn’t be the reason people fail to contribute or leave organizations. Dealing with conflict when it is in your face is one thing, but preventing it comes first. This means accepting that conflict may occur, understanding the sources of potential conflict, preventing unnecessary conflict by watching for signs, and making sure you and others know what is ‘off limits.’ In this course, you’ll learn about the benefits of healthy conflict, as well as typical sources of conflict. You’ll find out how to recognize the signs of unhealthy conflict and take steps to prevent it. In addition, you’ll learn when it’s appropriate to report a conflict.


Conflict is a Workplace Reality

  • recognize the benefits of productive conflict in the workplace
  • recognize organizational and interpersonal sources of conflict
  • take action when there are obvious signs of unhealthy conflict
  • judge when it’s appropriate to report a conflict because it has escalated into “”off limits”” behavior
  • react appropriately to conflict in the workplace





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