Professional Networking Essentials: Developing Confidence

Anyone seeking to develop confidence and skill in their ability to network in a modern professional environment

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Why can some people walk into a room and start making new acquaintances almost immediately? It’s as if they’re hardwired to know how to introduce themselves and establish a relationship with everyone they meet. Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of finesse with people and be able to network with ease?
The reality is that while networking may seem intimidating or awkward at first, it’s becoming a ‘must have’ for many in the modern professional environment. It requires confidence and sincerity. This course helps you develop that confidence by exploring the obstacles that deter you from networking. It enables you to enhance your presentation and conversation abilities. It also demonstrates how to prepare for effective networking and how to make a good first impression. And it steps through techniques for conversing with confidence. These skills will be major assets as you approach your next networking event, prepared with strategy and confidence.


Developing Confidence for Professional Networking

  • recognize how to overcome obstacles to networking
  • identify ways to prepare for networking
  • recognize how to make a good impression when networking
  • recognize the benefits of making a good first impression
  • apply techniques for conversing with confidence





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