Programmability and Administration in Access 2007

Anyone wishing to become familiar with Microsoft Access 2007 at an advanced level; anyone seeking to obtain Microsoft Application Specialist certification in the use of Microsoft Access 2007; anyone seeking to obtain Microsoft Application Professional certification.

The Skillsoft Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Access learning path; Microsoft Office 2007: Advanced Access learning path; familiarity with a Windows user environment

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Microsoft Office Access 2007 makes it easy for you to share and manage data using the collaborative environment of a Microsoft Windows SharePoint site along with the many data management features available within Access 2007. This course explains how SharePoint sites can be used with Access and demonstrates options such as moving data to a SharePoint site, publishing data to a SharePoint site, importing from or linking to a SharePoint list, creating an Access view of a SharePoint list, working offline with SharePoint lists, as well as tracking data versioning in SharePoint.
Another feature of Access 2007 is its programmability. Using Access macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code you can easily add functionality to a database to suit your business needs. In addition to SharePoint integration, this course provides an introduction to programming in Access and explores when to use macros or VBA code to automate processes. It also demonstrates how to create, launch, and modify macros and explains the use of the Visual Basic Editor to create event handlers and set control property values.


Access 2007 and SharePoint

  • determine how to move data to a SharePoint site
  • specify how to publish data to a SharePoint site
  • create an Access view of a SharePoint list
  • work with SharePoint lists
  • take SharePoint list data offline
  • work offline and track data in Access 2007
  • move data to SharePoint using the Move to Sharepoint Site wizard
  • publish a database to a Sharepoint site |w
  • import a SharePoint list to Access 2007
  • view different versions of a SharePoint list item

Access 2007 Programmability

  • create and edit Access 2007 macros
  • run Access 2007 macros
  • use VBA to create an event handler in Access 2007
  • work with event handlers in Access 2007
  • create an Access 2007 macro
  • run an Access 2007 macro
  • edit an Access 2007 macro
  • create an event handler in Access 2007





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