Programming in C++: Tools and Techniques

Developers looking to improve their skills in C++


Expected Duration
127 minutes

There are many types of constants in C++, and mastering them is critical to producing readable and manageable code. A good IDE will help with the development and maintenance of large code projects, and choosing the right one for your project is important. In this course, you’ll learn about the use of constants and references in C++, as well as tools and IDEs for C++ development. You’ll also learn about class constructors and deconstructors, and class and function operators. Finally, you’ll learn about header and source files and passing command line arguments to C++ programs.



  • start the course
  • use const with function arguments in C++
  • use const with variables in C++
  • use const with pointers in C++


  • use references in C++
  • use references as function arguments in C++
  • use references as function return values in C++

Tools and IDEs

  • configure C++ toolchains in Eclipse
  • create C++ projects in Eclipse
  • create C++ projects in Visual Studio
  • compile C++ programs with GCC

Class Constructors and Destructors

  • create classes with the copy constructor in C++
  • create classes by chaining constructors in C++
  • create classes with chained destructors in C++

Class and Function Operations

  • overload operators in C++ custom classes
  • pass objects as function arguments in C++
  • create C++ virtual functions
  • create abstract and interface classes in C++

Files and Command Line

  • use the C++ preprocessor
  • parse command line arguments in C++
  • divide code into header and source file pairs in C++





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