Programming Techniques and Strategies

Professional application developers or programmers, with at least 2 years experience, who want to learn the latest recommended techniques for developing high quality software

Extensive knowledge of at least one of Java, C++, C#, or Visual Basic .NET; thorough familiarity with OOP concepts such as inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism; experience working in a team environment on a large software development project preferred, but not essential

Expected Duration
125 minutes

To outline the high-level considerations for producing good code


Programming Techniques and Strategies

  • recognize examples of strategies and tasks for minimizing software complexity.
  • identify the characteristics of egoless programming.
  • recognize the software quality attributes for a given software application.
  • recognize the benefits of structured programming, OOP, and design by contract.
  • distinguish between examples of defensive programming techniques.
  • identify the main tenets of Extreme Programming.
  • recognize project implementations that are compatible with agile and defensive programming strategies.




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