Project+ 2009 Instructor Series: Executing the Project

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This course is part of Skillsoft's Instructor Series, technical courses presented in spontaneous lecture-style by subject matter experts. This is 5 of 6 of the CompTIA Project+ (2009 Edition) series. This course provides project managers and project personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to attain the CompTIA Project+ 2009 certification. CompTIA Project+ is a vendor-neutral certification that covers key project management processes throughout the project life cycle. This course is intended to provide formal project management principles with a focus on enhancing the ability of managers and coordinators to lead project teams to deliver exceptional project results within the constraints of schedule, budget, scope, quality and resources.

Target Audience

The CompTIA Project+ Certification course is intended for project managers or project personnel who wish to improve project results, gain a solid project management foundation, and pass the CompTIA Project+ exam.


Although this certification is focused on project management principles, anyone who has project experience can benefit from the principles in this course. CompTIA recommends that exam takers have one year of practical project management experience.

Expected Duration

33 min.

Course Objectives

Executing the Project

Acquire, Develop and Manage a Project Team

Distribute Information, Manage Expectations and Conflicts

Perform Quality Assurance

Conduct Procurements

  • – Request seller responses – Select sellers