Project Management Practical Exercises

Candidates who possess at least 12 months of cumulative experience in leading, managing, directing, and/or participating in small-to-medium-size projects


Expected Duration
65 minutes

This course offers practice using the formulas for earned value management, communication channels, and make or buy analysis, and how to use a control chart and identify when a process is out of control. This course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information so you can effectively put principles to work at your own organization. This course will assist in preparing you for the CompTIA Project+ exam, and it is aligned with exam version PK0-004.


Controlling Project Work, and Closing

  • start the course
  • calculate the planned value and earned value, given the budget, % of time passed, and % of work completed
  • calculate the schedule variance and schedule performance index, given the earned value and planned value
  • calculate the cost variance and cost performance index, given the earned value and actual costs
  • determine project performance, given a set of raw data points
  • utilize work performance data to determine project performance
  • determine the estimate at completion, using the formulas for scenarios 1 and 2
  • recognize how the choice of EAC formula depends on the project situation
  • use a control chart to determine when a process is out of control
  • calculate the number of communication channels, given the number of members on a team
  • perform a make or buy analysis and determine the break-even point





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