Project Selection and Initiation

Candidates who possess at least 12 months of cumulative experience in leading, managing, directing, and/or participating in small-to-medium-size projects


Expected Duration
59 minutes

A project is a unique and temporary endeavor with the purpose of creating a new product, service, or result. A project will typically provide some benefit to the organization, either tangible or intangible. A business case explains this benefit and attempts to quantify or describe the value that the project will bring to the organization. In this course, you will be introduced to the basics of a project, including the project life cycle and process groups. You will also learn about the project charter, which gives the project manager the authorization to begin project work. This course provides a foundational knowledge base reflecting the most up-to-date project management information so you can effectively put principles to work at your own organization. This course will assist in preparing you for the CompTIA Project+ exam. This course is aligned with exam version PK0-004.


Project Selection and Initiation

  • start the course
  • specify the properties of a project
  • recognize the business reasons for the project
  • distinguish between the different project selection methods
  • recognize the role of the project manager in comparison to other project roles
  • match project roles and responsibilities
  • classify stakeholders based on their roles and relationship to the project
  • distinguish between predictive and adaptive life cycles and identify multi-phase projects
  • distinguish between the different project process stages
  • list the common elements of a project charter

Practice: Project Properties and Roles

  • identify the properties of a project, define the role of the project manager, and list the project process stages





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