Protecting and Sharing Excel 2007 Workbooks

End users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel 2007 at a power user level or seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Microsoft Excel 2007 at an Expert level or an equivalent.

Some knowledge of word processing, computing, and spreadsheets; familiarity with the Microsoft Office work environment; an understanding of the Internet and web-page functionality

Expected Duration
120 minutes

In many organizations, teams and individuals require frequent and possibly simultaneous access to common spreadsheets and workbooks. To meet these demands without affecting efficiency, a number of review, security, and collaboration features are available in Excel 2007. Workbooks, worksheets, and specific data within worksheets, can be protected, enabling only those with access to view or make changes to them. Workbooks can be shared so that multiple people can access required data, and changes made to workbooks can be tracked, accepted or rejected, and merged. The use of Excel Services and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services adds an additional level of collaboration and security features. This courses covers range, worksheet, and workbook protection, as well as tracking changes and merging workbooks in Excel 2007. Sharing workbooks, using Excel Services for collaboration, and publishing workbooks to SharePoint are also covered.


Protecting and Authenticating Excel 2007 Workbooks

  • protect a workbook in a given example
  • apply worksheet protection in a given example
  • identify the features of digital signatures in Excel 2007
  • protect a workbook
  • prevent users from editing a workbook
  • apply worksheet protection

Collaborating in Excel 2007

  • share workbooks on a network location
  • merge shared workbooks
  • publish a workbook to a SharePoint library
  • perform basic actions using SharePoint
  • share a workbook on a shared network resource
  • merge shared workbooks
  • publish a workbook to SharePoint





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