Providing Effective Internal Customer Service

Anyone who wants to develop or refresh their customer service skills.


Expected Duration
30 minutes

When you do things to help other people within your company do their jobs better, you are providing internal customer service. The quality of that service often has a huge impact on the overall quality of service delivered to external customers. In this course, you’ll learn about types of internal customers and how to identify internal customer service relationships. You’ll also learn about the importance of getting to know your internal customers, identifying their expectations of you, and taking action on those expectations. Finally, you’ll learn guidelines for providing internal customer service.


Internal Customer Service

  • recognize internal customers and internal customer service providers in a given example
  • recognize the importance of identifying your internal customer service relationships
  • recall benefits of identifying and getting to know your internal customers
  • identify examples of techniques for identifying mutual expectations with internal customers
  • recognize examples of guidelines for taking action and gathering feedback from internal customers
  • recall guidelines for providing internal customer service
  • recognize actions that demonstrate an internal customer service attitude
  • use guidelines and strategies to identify and assist your internal customers




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