Providing Telephone Customer Service

Anyone who wants to develop or refresh their customer service skills.


Expected Duration
31 minutes

When you’re providing customer service over the phone, without face-to-face interaction, it can be challenging to establish the right relationship. There are many techniques that can help you consistently deliver the best customer service over the phone. In this course, you’ll learn basic etiquette tips for answering, managing, and ending customer service calls. You’ll also learn how to make a good impression by listening, using questions to probe for more information, minding your tone, and empathizing with the customer. Finally, you’ll learn ways of reflecting or adapting to your customer’s style.


Customer Service over the Phone

  • recall guidelines for answering calls and putting customers on hold
  • list techniques for transferring and closing customer service calls
  • recall techniques for maintaining a positive tone of voice on customer service calls
  • identify examples of active listening techniques
  • recognize examples of customer-focused language
  • identify approaches to helping resolve customer problems
  • recall techniques for mirroring a customer’s language
  • use proper etiquette and techniques when providing customer service via telephone




    Multi-license discounts available for Annual and Monthly subscriptions.