Querying and Managing XML Data in SQL Server 2008

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XML has been integrated into SQL Server 2008 so that XML data can be stored within databases using the XML data type. You can query this data using the XQuery language within the XML data type methods. SQL Server 2008 also provides support for using FOR XML to extract relational data from a database in XML format and the use of OPENXML to generate relational views from XML. This course demonstrates how to use the xml data type, XML schema collations, and how to create XML indexes. It also explores how to retrieve data using FOR XML, process XML data using OPENXML, and how to query data using the XQuery language. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Microsoft exam: 70-433 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development. Passing this exam will earn the learner Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): SQL Server 2008, Database Development certification.

Target Audience

IT professionals who have jobs in which database administration is their main area of responsibility, or who work in environments in which databases are central to their job roles. These job roles include • IT generalists who work in environments in which SQL Server 2008 is part of an overall solution • IT professionals who manage systems that run SQL Server 2008 • IT professionals who work with third-party applications that are built on SQL Server 2008 • Developers who build applications that use SQL Server 2008


The prerequisites for the exam are that candidates should have one to two years of experience using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or two to three years of experience using a previous version of SQL Server.

Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Implementing the XML Data Type and Schemas

  • recognize how to implement XML data types and schemas
  • Querying XML Data using XPath and XQuery

  • recognize how XPath is used
  • recognize how to query XML data using XQuery
  • Using FOR XML to Construct XML

  • recognize how to use FOR XML to construct XML
  • Using OPENXML and Creating XML Indexes

  • recognize how to use OPENXML
  • recognize how to create an XML index
  • Working with XML Data in SQL Server 2008