Rapport Building in Customer Service

Anyone who wants to develop or refresh their customer service skills.


Expected Duration
28 minutes

Good customer service and strong customer relationships begin with building rapport. Building rapport requires knowing your customers, understanding their situations, and providing an empathetic ear for them to voice their concerns. In this course, you’ll learn how to build rapport with customers by paying close attention to their needs, connecting with them, and being positive. You’ll also learn how to empathize with customers by relating your own experiences, reflecting their emotions back to them, and normalizing their difficulties.


Building Rapport with Customers

  • recall how to demonstrate to customers that they have your full attention
  • recognize strategies for connecting with customers
  • identify strategies for being positive and friendly in customer service
  • recognize guidelines for empathizing with customers by relating your own experiences
  • identify how to show you understand customers’ feelings by reflecting their emotions
  • recognize guidelines for normalizing customers’ difficulties
  • recognize guidelines for building rapport with customers




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