Reaching a Negotiated Agreement

Individuals who want to develop their negotiation skills


Expected Duration
27 minutes

At this point in the negotiation, you’ve done what you can to establish a trusting relationship, kept focused on the issues, and adapted your approach to optimize your influence with your counterpart. The finish line may be in sight, but it’s not yet a guarantee. The object of negotiation is to come to and confirm an agreement. When you started the negotiation you asked questions. At this point you’re focusing on the answers. In this course, you’ll learn how to think creatively about solutions to maximize your chances of arriving at a mutually beneficial agreement with your negotiating counterpart. You’ll also learn how to facilitate that agreement – even amid resistance from the other party.


Finding the Best Solution

  • recognize the value of having creative solution options when you’re negotiating
  • facilitate agreement by offering and modifying options
  • recognize strategies for gaining agreement despite a counterpart’s resistance
  • take appropriate action to close a deal
  • apply strategies for securing agreement in negotiations





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