Recognizing and Diagnosing Problem Performance

Managers, supervisors, project team leaders, and human resource professionals who need to deal with problem performance both formally and informally

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

When you recognize performance problems early and diagnose them accurately, you can help turn them around and avoid serious consequences. Whether the problems lie in poor employee interactions, failure to comply with policies, or underperformance, managers need to know how to detect them in a timely manner. Performance problems can vary in scope, frequency, and magnitude. They can occur as single incidents or persistent patterns of behavior. Whatever their nature, you must intervene early, involve the employee, and uncover the true root causes in order to find the best possible solution.
This course explains how you can remain alert to early warning signs of problems in your workplace. It enables you to determine the scope and urgency of problems when they occur. And it shows you how to diagnose root causes on your way to finding the best solution.


Detecting and Diagnosing Problem Performance

  • recognize true performance problems
  • recognize good questioning techniques for determining the nature of problems
  • recognize the implications of the scope, frequency, and impact of a given performance problem
  • evaluate the performance of a causal diagnosis




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