Remote Access Using Cisco Easy VPN

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To configure remote access using a Cisco Easy VPN server

Target Audience

The primary target audience includes network designers, network administrators, network engineers, and system engineers.


Cisco CCNA certification, a basic knowledge of the Windows operating system, Cisco’s IOS networking and security terms and concepts.

Expected Duration

160 min.

Course Objectives

Remote Access Using Cisco Easy VPN

  • distinguish between the two components of Easy VPN.
  • recognize the steps in the Easy VPN authentication and remote connection processes.
  • recognize the features and functions of Easy VPN.
  • recognize how to create an IP address pool, configure group policy lookup, and create ISAKMP policy for remote VPN client access.
  • recognize the steps to define policy attributes that are pushed to the client and how to create a transform set.
  • recognize how to enable RRI and apply mode configuration to the dynamic crypto map.
  • recognize how to configure an Easy VPN Server to support Extended Authentication.
  • configure remote access using an Easy VPN Server.