Retaining Top Performers

Managers and other individuals who are responsible for managing employee performance

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Savvy managers realize the benefits of retaining their star performers, and that making a focused effort to retain top talent will save time and resources, and improve the overall performance of the organization. So how do you keep your top performers on board? You must give them a reason to stay and a view of what they’ll gain by sticking around. You must ensure that they feel valued and are motivated and rewarded for their performance.
This course provides strategies on how to motivate and reward top performers, including talent assessments, job redesign, and using appropriate recognition and compensation. Using these strategies is key to keeping your top performers from leaving. The course also provides tactics for motivating top performers with the aid of a self-assessment so that top performers receive appropriate opportunities, recognition, compensation, and levels of autonomy. It also provides managers with ways to recognize the natural talents of their top performers, thereby assigning tasks that will be the most satisfying to the employee. Finally, you’ll learn the principles of effective job redesign so that you can engage top performers in work they’ll find satisfying.


How to Motivate and Reward Top Performers

  • identify reasons why top performers typically leave a job
  • recognize actions managers can take to motivate top performers
  • assign tasks based on the talent assessment of a given top performer
  • determine how effectively a manager has redesigned the job of a given top performer





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