Retaining Your Talent Pool

Existing human resource professionals, managers, directors, executives, and business owners working in medium to large organizations, governmental agencies, or nonprofit organizations

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

Employee retention remains a critical issue that no corporation is immune to. For a company to remain successful and competitive, it must keep its biggest assets – its people – engaged and committed for the long term. It’s a known fact that even the most lucrative compensation plan alone is not enough to keep your much-needed employees from moving on, so your organization must utilize successful strategies for retaining employees.
This course provides you with an overview of employee retention strategies. Specifically, you’ll explore the elements of a high-retention organization and the procedure for implementing a successful retention strategy. This course also covers employee engagement, including identifying and enhancing engagement drivers, measuring engagement, and executing an engagement strategy.


Employee Retention

  • identify the benefits of effective retention as part of a larger talent management strategy
  • assess an organization’s efforts to implement the elements of a high-retention organization
  • recognize how to implement an effective retention strategy
  • Employee Engagement

  • identify characteristics of engaged employees
  • match the six engagement drivers to descriptions
  • recognize key considerations related to identifying and enhancing engagement drivers in your organization
  • suggest actions to take in response to employee engagement survey scores, in a given scenario
  • match engagement survey questions to associated engagement drivers
  • sequence descriptions of the steps for executing an engagement strategy




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