Retrieving, Validating, and Attaching Data in Access 2010

A broad range of business users

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

You can use Microsoft Access 2010 to manage your data efficiently using advanced techniques. There are many methods that can be used for modifying and enhancing tables, reports, queries, and forms in order to meet your business needs. This course explains and demonstrates advanced techniques for retrieving and validating data in Access 2010. These include such features as lookup fields and using the Expression Builder to aid in the validation of controls. How to attach files to tables and forms, and edit them, is also demonstrated.


Data Retrieval, Validation, and Attachments

  • create a lookup field for data entry
  • modify the behavior of a lookup field
  • validate control data on a form using the Expression Builder
  • identify ways that attachments can be used in Access 2010
  • add an attachment to a table
  • add an attachment to a form
  • create a lookup field and change its behavior
  • validate control data on a form
  • add an attachment to a table
  • add an attachment to a form





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