Reviewing and Protecting Content in Excel 2013

Personnel at all levels of the enterprise; end-users seeking to attain competency in Microsoft Excel 2013; end-users seeking to obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification at Expert level in the use of Microsoft Excel 2013; end-users seeking a basic IT certification

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Excel 2013 provides tools that allow you to manage multiple workbooks as well review and protect them while creating and sharing content. You can consolidate data, control recalculation, merge and manage versions of a workbook. Excel also provides the track changes feature allowing you to track, accept, or reject changes. When reviewing comments, you can edit, add, or delete comments. In addition, the spell checker reviews the spelling and allows you to change, ignore, or add to the dictionary. Finally, Excel allows you to protect a range, worksheet, or workbook with a password.
This course will help prepare learners for the Microsoft Certification Exam 77-427: Excel 2013 Expert Part One, and Exam 77-428: Excel 2013 Expert Part Two, which certifies individuals as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Excel Expert 2013.


Working with Multiple Workbooks

  • consolidate data and merge workbooks in Excel 2013
  • decide how to consolidate data in Excel 2013
  • choose how to merge workbooks in Excel 2013

Reviewing Content

  • use Track Changes in Excel 2013
  • add and edit comments in Excel 2013
  • spell check a workbook in Excel 2013
  • decide how to use comments and track changes in Excel 2013

Protecting Content

  • protect sheets and workbooks in Excel 2013
  • choose how to protect workbooks in Excel 2013





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