Reviewing Documents in Word 2010

Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

No one wants to be embarrassed by glaring grammatical mistakes and misspellings in a document. To help you catch these errors, Word 2010 includes editing tools that enable you to spot and fix your typos as you work. It also enables you to use other proofing features such as a thesaurus, research options, and word count statistics to help you proof your work. In addition, you can make changes while reviewing your work using a feature that tracks all of your edits, and you can also leave comments during your review. This course explores all of these proofing features, from spelling and grammar correction to tracking changes. The course also demonstrates how to use the Help feature in Word 2010.


Proofing Word 2010 Documents

  • use the Research feature in Word 2010
  • use the Help feature in Word 2010
  • use the automatic spelling and grammar checker in Word 2010
  • run the spelling and grammar checker in Word 2010
  • use comments in Word 2010
  • use track changes in Word 2010
  • spellcheck and review a document in Word 2010





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