Roadblocks to Excellent Listening

Individuals who want to develop or improve their skills for listening effectively within the workplace


Expected Duration
28 minutes

Before the most advanced listening skills can be deployed, it’s critical to remove the common roadblocks to effective listening. There are listening traps that we all fall victim to from time to time, which diminish our effectiveness. Distractions, both internal and external, may keep us from having the most productive conversation if they’re not removed or mitigated. Our thoughts and feelings often become roadblocks to effective listening when our biases, our emotional reactions, or our focus on preparing to speak interferes with our effectiveness. Additionally, a listener’s own speech can shut down the flow of information. Finally, a roadblock that everyone faces at some point is boredom. Listening to a boring speaker or topic can provide challenges for effectively receiving and retaining critical information. Fortunately, there is hope. We can all learn to listen better despite boredom. In this course, you’ll review techniques for overcoming roadblocks to listening. These will include the tools to remove distractions, to keep thoughts and emotions in check, to avoid conversation killers, and of course, to escape boredom.


The Top Listening Fails

  • mitigate distracters that interfere with effective listening
  • classify the types of thoughts and emotions that can jeopardize effective listening
  • avoid the most common conversation-killing statements that listeners say
  • identify techniques for listening effectively despite boredom
  • apply techniques to overcome roadblocks to effective listening




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