Ruby on Rails for .NET Developers

.NET Programmers who want to learn how to build Ruby on Rails applications


Expected Duration
159 minutes

This course covers how elements of the Ruby language for .NET developers. It also covers the features of Ruby on Rails and shows how to create a Ruby on Rails application.


Getting Started

  • start the course
  • outline the features of Ruby
  • contrast Ruby with .NET languages
  • install Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • use the Interactive Ruby (IRB) shell

Classes and Inheritance in Ruby

  • create a class in Ruby
  • work with instance methods in Ruby
  • implement inheritance in Ruby

Private and Class Access Methods in Ruby

  • work with private methods in Ruby
  • create class access methods in Ruby

Program Flow, I/O and Error Handling in Ruby

  • use If statements in Ruby
  • work with While and Until loops in Ruby
  • handle exceptions in Ruby

Data and Data Types in Ruby

  • work with simple data input and output in Ruby
  • work with arrays in Ruby
  • use strings and substitution in Ruby
  • work with symbols in Ruby
  • work with hashes in Ruby

Ruby Projects, Scaffolding and the Home Page

  • set up a Ruby on Rails projects
  • generate scaffolding in a Ruby on Rails project
  • customize the home page of a Ruby on Rails project

ActiveRecord Model and Data

  • create an ActiveRecord model in a Ruby on Rails project
  • use seeds to add data to a Ruby on Rails database

Routes and the Controller

  • examine routes in a Ruby on Rails project
  • examine the controller in a Ruby on Rails project

Views and the Asset Pipeline

  • examine and modify views in a Ruby on Rails project
  • work with view templates in a Ruby on Rails project
  • work with the asset pipeline in a Ruby on Rails project

Sessions and Cookies

  • work with sessions in a Ruby on Rails project
  • work with cookies in a Ruby on Rails project

Practice: Managing a Ruby On Rails applications

  • manage and maintain a Ruby on Rails application





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