SAP Business One – Introduction for End Users

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SAP Business One is a comprehensive set of integrated business management applications. Business One provides an entire set of core modules, including financials, sales, operations, customer management, and logistics, which enable a small-sized to medium-sized enterprise to manage all aspects of the business.
This course provides an overview of the core functionality of SAP Business One including financials, sales, customer management, inventory, and reporting. In addition, the content is complemented by an assortment of activities that describe many of the day-to-day activities performed with Business One.

Target Audience

Individuals in small-sized to mid-sized companies who plan to use SAP’s Business One application to perform basic business functions within their organizations


Expected Duration

120 min.

Course Objectives

Accounting and Financials

  • recognize Business One functions that are used to manage cash flow
  • match financial accounting terms with their corresponding definitions
  • recognize the procedure for posting a manual journal entry
  • Sales and Sales Opportunities

  • recognize the procedure for populating given fields in the Sales Order window
  • identify key parameters for creating a sales opportunity report
  • Using Financials and Sales Tools

    Purchasing and Operations

  • recognize the procedure for creating a Purchase Order
  • recognize the procedure for creating a Goods Receipt PO
  • recognize the procedure for creating an A/P Invoice
  • Inventory and Item Management

  • sequence the phases of a material flow
  • recognize the procedure for creating Item Master Data
  • Using Purchasing and Item Management Tools