SAP BusinessObjects: Dashboards and Analytics

Individuals, such as managers and project team members, who are responsible for extracting and analyzing information using SAP BusinessObjects

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

The typical enterprise generates hundreds of management reports on a weekly basis. As companies grow and continue to add new channels, benchmarking and weekly reporting are key to helping top management keep a finger on the pulse of the business. With all those reports to wade through, business executives need a reporting format that provides the information they need at a glance. The corporate dashboard report does just that. It contains a series of dials in a corporate cockpit that reflect the key performance metrics from each department. Dashboarding involves the presentation of key business data in a very concise visual manner.
SAP’s BusinessObjects offers dynamic, customizable data visualization tools that allow you to create insightful and powerful dashboards from various data sources. These tools are intuitive and appropriate for users of all skill levels. This course provides an introduction to dashboarding. You will learn how to create dashboards using SAP BusinessObjects InfoView, Xcelsius, and Dashboard Builder.


Dashboarding with BusinessObjects

  • identify the characteristics of a dashboard
  • match types of dashboard analytics with the types of information that each one is designed to portray
  • recognize the procedure for creating a dashboard using InfoView
  • recognize the procedure for creating an analytic using Dashboard Builder
  • recognize the panes of the Xcelsius designer interface
  • recognize the procedure for creating a dashboard using Xcelsius
  • create a dashboard using InfoView
  • create a dashboard using Xcelsius
  • create an analytic using Dashboard Builder





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