SAP BusinessObjects: InfoView

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SAP BusinessObjects provides various tools for enterprise reporting purposes. InfoView is a web-based application that provides an interface for users to perform common activities, such as viewing or modifying reports, without having to install any additional software on their systems. InfoView can work with Xcelsius, Crystal, and Web Intelligence documents. It allows you to publish reports to common formats, such as PDF or MS Word, as well as alter a report’s underlying data.
This course provides an introduction to the essential features and functions of SAP BusinessObjects InfoView and provides a look at some of the common activities performed using InfoView.

Target Audience

Individuals, such as managers and project team members, who are responsible for extracting and analyzing information using SAP BusinessObjects


Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

The InfoView User Interface

  • recognize features of the InfoView user interface
  • recognize how to access the sample reports in InfoView
  • Viewing and Organizing Documents

  • match descriptions of InfoView reporting applications with key characteristics
  • recognize the procedure for creating a new folder or category in InfoView
  • Using InfoView Interface Options

    Creating and Formatting Reports with InfoView

  • recognize the procedure for creating an InfoView document
  • recognize the procedure for saving an InfoView document
  • recognize the procedure for giving an InfoView report a title
  • Publishing Reports with InfoView

  • recognize the procedure for publishing an InfoView report
  • match InfoView publishing options to their corresponding benefits and drawbacks
  • Creating and Publishing Reports in InfoView





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