SAP Gateway – Building OData Services (GW100v15)

  • Application consultant
  • Developer
  • Developer consultant
  • Solution architect
  • System architect


  • BC400 (ABAP Workbench Foundations) or equivalent
  • BC401 (ABAP Objects) or equivalent
  • Knowledge of Java, JavaScript, and HTML is highly recommended

Expected Duration
5 day


This course is designed for developers, architects, and other technical professionals responsible for creating OData services using the SAP Gateway solution. In this course, you will learn about the latest SAP Gateway 2.0 architecture, OData and consumption of OData services, and identifies various OData services deployment options. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to implement an SAP Gateway Service, learn the SAP Gateway Service Generation model, and perform tasks related to SAP Gateway Service extensibility and the use of the new SAP Web IDE. This course will also cover the SAP Gateway Hub functionalities and implementing SAP Gateway security, as well as advanced OData options, such as function imports, implementation of expand, deep insert, etags, batch processing, offline support and media links.

This course is based on software release:

  • SAP S/4HANA 1511
  • AS ABAP 7.50


1. SAP Gateway Overview

  • SAP Gateway Architecture
  • SAP Gateway Deployment Options

2. OData Overview

  • OData and REST
  • OData Operations
  • OData Queries
  • Consuming OData using SAP Web IDE

3. SAP Gateway Service Implementation

  • Defining a Data Model
  • Implementing Read Operations
  • Implementing Navigation
  • Implementing Query Options
  • Implementing Change Operations

4. SAP Gateway Service Generation

  • RFC/BOR Generator
  • Search Help Generator

5. SAP Gateway Service Redefinition

  • Redefining a Data Service
  • Redefining a Gateway Service

6. SAP Gateway and CDS Views

  • SAP Fiori Programming Model
  • CDS/SADL Generator
  • Data Source Reference
  • CDS View Annotations

7. SAP Gateway Hub Functionalities

  • Multiple Back-End Systems Support
  • Configuring Routing Capabilities
  • Multiple Origin Composition
  • SAP Workflow Support

8. Advanced OData Options

  • Implementing Function Imports
  • Implementing Expand Operations
  • Implementing Deep Insert Operations
  • Handling ETags
  • Batch Requests
  • Media Links
  • Offline Support
  • Server Side Caching

9. SAP Gateway Security

  • Authentication
  • Data Security

10. SAP Gateway OData V4 Support

  • OData V4 Implementation
  • OData V4 Publishing



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