SAP Overview

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To recognize SAP as a leading ERP solution, identify the mySAP products available, and execute basic tasks in mySAP ERP

Target Audience

The audience includes project team members as defined by SAP, trainee technical consultants on SAP implementation projects, and anyone requiring an overview of the SAP solution set.



Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

SAP Overview

  • identify the features and benefits of ERP.
  • identify the functions of the SAP range of solutions.
  • recognize the appropriate SAP solution to integrate business processes in a given scenario.
  • recognize which module of the mySAP ERP solution solves a specific business need.
  • recognize which new-dimension product meets a specific business need.
  • recognize the appropriate mySAP Business Suite solutions and modules to use in a given scenario.
  • recognize the underlying concepts of mySAP ERP.
  • recognize how to execute a task in the SAP R/3 GUI.
  • execute a task using SAP R/3 GUI in a given scenario.




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