Saving, Sharing, and Printing in Word 2010

Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Once you’ve created an attractive, well-structured document, how do you save it for future use? Word 2010 enables you to save your documents in many formats, including the standard .docx file extension, along with the well-recognized .doc extension. You can also save your documents as PDF or XPS files to make them uneditable and give them standardized appearances for sharing. In addition, you can choose to save and send your document using e-mail, Microsoft SkyDrive, upload your document as a blog post, or save it on SharePoint. If you want to print your document, you can use Word 2010’s new streamlined Print interface which presents print options, such as orientation and duplex printing, on the same page as a preview of your document. This course explores Word 2010’s features for saving and printing your documents.


Saving and Printing in Word 2010

  • save a document in a different format in Word 2010
  • save a Word 2010 document
  • change the default save options in Word 2010
  • save and send a document in Word 2010
  • print a document in Word 2010
  • save, send, and print documents in Word 2010





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