Scala Functional Programming and Collections

Programmers with some experience of programming in another language looking to get a start in Scala


Expected Duration
94 minutes

Scala mixes programming paradigms, and so presents a challenge to programmers coming from any other language. This course explores the use of functional programming in Scala as well as the Collections library and its uses.


Functional Programming

  • start the course
  • describe the key aspects of functional programming in Scala
  • demonstrate the use of expression-oriented programming in Scala
  • utilize pure functions in Scala
  • explore the use of literals and anonymous functions in Scala
  • demonstrate how functions can be used as variables and parameters in Scala
  • describe the use of closures
  • create and use partially applied functions
  • demonstrate how to curry a function
  • explore how to compose functions from other functions
  • describe how to best use tail-recursion
  • differentiate between call-by-name and call-by-value
  • Scala Collections and Strings

  • provide an overview of the collections framework in Scala
  • explore the key differences between mutable and immutable collections
  • use Sets in a Scala application
  • use Maps in a Scala application
  • use Sequences and perform sort operations in a Scala application
  • use Iterators in a Scala application
  • identify the key aspects of concrete immutable collection classes
  • identify the key aspects of concrete mutable collection classes
  • apply arrays in Scala
  • work with Strings in Scala code
  • demonstrate the proper way to test for equality in code
  • work with interpolation when using strings in Scala
  • compare Java and Scala collections
  • Practice: Classes and Functions

  • create a Scala application that utilizes functional programming to work with collections and Strings




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