Scala Pattern Matching, Interoperability, and Concurrency

Programmers with some experience of programming in another language looking to get a start in Scala


Expected Duration
99 minutes

Scala mixes programming paradigms, and so presents a challenge to programmers coming from any other language. This course explores the use of pattern matching, Java interoperability, and concurrency.


Scala Pattern Matching

  • start the course
  • describe the key aspects of pattern matching in Scala
  • demonstrate how to apply pattern matching to lists in Scala
  • utilize pattern matching and case classes in Scala
  • explore the use of pattern matching with functions in Scala
  • compare OOP and functional programming
  • Java Interoperability

  • explore how to work with Java and Scala classes
  • create and use JavaBeans with Scala
  • demonstrate how to use Java interfaces and Scala traits
  • create static members with Scala objects
  • demonstrate how to deal with exceptions in Java and Scala
  • explore how to work with annotations in Java and Scala
  • Scala Concurrency

  • compare Scala and Java concurrency
  • describe the use of asynchronous execution in Scala
  • specify the various ways to transform futures in Scala
  • troubleshoot and test with Scala futures
  • register and use Scala callbacks
  • implement Scala blocking with futures
  • demonstrate the use of promises in Scala concurrency
  • explore the utilities associated with Scala concurrency
  • Practice: Classes and Functions

  • create a Scala application that utilizes functional programming to work with collections and Strings




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