SDN Planning Workshop: Demystifying Vendor Solutions

Those interested in exploring vendor options for SDN

Please contact us for information about prerequisites.

Expected Duration
3 day


Due to the multivendor nature of networking, understanding how to apply Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in your environment can be difficult. Many questions may arise, such as: Do you need to buy anything Can you implement SDN yourself Do you need to hire someone Are you locked into a specific vendor What options are there when choosing a vendor or implementing a multivendor solution

In this interactive course, you will analyze multiple vendor solutions and gain the confidence to begin planning your SDN strategy.


1. SDN Overview

  • SDN Architecture
  • Communication Flows
  • Network Functions Virtualization and Overlays
  • Activity: SDN Review

2. Developing Your Plan

  • Initial Planning and Discovery
  • Design Sessions
  • Design Development
  • Activity: Current State Analysis

3. Vendor Discovery

  • Defining the Scope of Your Research
  • Identifying Trustworthy Sources of Information
  • Locating the Sources
  • Starting Your Vendor Research
  • Activity: Vendor Research

4. Vendor Interactions

  • Distilling the Content
  • Considering the Message
  • Dissecting the Message
  • Exercise: Testing your Defenses
  • Interviewing Vendors
  • Exercise: Preparing Your Questions
  • Fact Checking
  • Exercise: Fact Checking

5. Performing a Gap Analysis

  • Pulling It All Together
  • Validating Assumptions
  • Picking a Solution
  • Exercise: Creating a Gap Analysis

6. Creating a Conceptual Design

  • Conceptual Design Overview
  • Conceptual Design Components
  • Exercise: Creating a Conceptual Design

7. Proposing Your Plan

  • Preparing Your Presentation
  • Presenting Your Proposal
  • Defending Your Design

8. Action Plan

  • The Planning Process
  • Where Do You Go From Here
  • Course Takeaways



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