Securing, Testing, and Deploying MEAN Applications

Individuals who wish to gain a better understanding of MEAN.js; individuals who wish to develop Web applications by using the MEAN stack; individuals with good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; individuals familiar with Bootstrap; individuals who have a basic understanding of MVC concepts


Expected Duration
120 minutes

When developing any application, it is important to ensure that the application is secure from unauthorized and malicious access. It is also important to test the application to ensure that it works properly in all situations. After the application is developed, secured, and tested, it needs to be deployed on a server. This course provides an introduction to securing, testing, and deploying MEAN applications.


Securing a MEAN Application

  • start the course
  • identify the fundamentals of authentication and authorization
  • set up views for sign up and sign in
  • identify the fundamentals of passport authentication
  • create the user model
  • write server-side code for authentication
  • write client-side code for authentication
  • implement authorization

Testing MEAN Applications

  • identify the fundamentals of testing a MEAN application
  • identify the fundamentals of client-side and server-side testing
  • identify the tools used for testing MEAN applications

Testing Server-side Components

  • install the tools required for server-side testing
  • configure the test environment
  • write and run a mocha test
  • test asynchronous code

Testing Client-side Components

  • install the tools required for client-side testing
  • configure the Karma test runner
  • test AngularJS modules
  • test AngularJS controllers
  • test AngularJS services

Deploying a MEAN App on Heroku

  • identify the fundamentals of deployment
  • install the Heroku toolbelt
  • prepare an app for deployment
  • deploy an app to Heroku
  • provision a database on MongoLab

Scaffolding Using Yeoman Generators

  • identify the benefits of Yeoman generators
  • install the Yeoman MEAN generator
  • use the Yeoman MEAN generator

Practice: Deploying a MEAN Application

  • deploy a MEAN application





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