Securing UNIX Systems

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To describe how to implement and maintain UNIX networking

Target Audience

IT professionals working in a UNIX environment for the first time


A basic understanding of the UNIX operating system; familiarity with the history of UNIX and the reasons for its continued popularity; general comprehension of UNIX system architecture, and awareness of the user interfaces

Expected Duration

200 min.

Course Objectives

Securing UNIX Systems

  • describe how UNIX file attributes relate to file ownership and access rights.
  • recognize how to protect the security of entire UNIX filesystems.
  • set security parameters in UNIX kernels and prevent cron and unwanted shutdown security issues.
  • change file permissions and implement permission-based system security in UNIX.
  • recognize how to benchmark operating systems, including UNIX, and evaluate the security of their configurations.
  • describe the UNIX password system.
  • recognize how to restrict boot-level and root access to UNIX systems.
  • recognize how to integrate Kerberos authentication on UNIX systems.
  • design and implement access control policies.
  • use Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) to control access to system resources in a given scenario.