Security administration in Check Point: Enforcing a Security Policy

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To identify the objects that are used to define a security policy and to be able to create a security policy using Smart Dashboard

Target Audience

system administrators, security managers, network engineers, and consultants who manage Check Point NG VPN-1/FireWall-1 gateway deployments


A good understanding of networking technologies, such as IP addressing, network topologies; a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and or Unix; an ability to identify the threats to a network and the services that they use

Expected Duration

180 min.

Course Objectives

Security administration in Check Point: Enforcing a Security Policy

  • match Check Point security objects to their descriptions.
  • create and configure security objects in a given scenario.
  • create a rule.
  • modify rules in Check Point in a given scenario.
  • create and configure a security object and a rule in a given scenario.
  • identify implicit rule properties and the rule processing order in a security rule base.
  • configure antispoofing.
  • install Check Point rules and define connection persistence in a given scenario.
  • configure antispoofing and install a rule base in a given scenario.