Security Analysis and Auditing in Networked Environments

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To discuss how to collect and utilize information on network intrusion attempts

Target Audience

Network administrators, firewall administrators, system administrators, application developers, and IT security officers


A good knowledge of networking and internetworking, including a detailed knowledge of the OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol suite

Expected Duration

300 min.

Course Objectives

Security Analysis and Auditing in Networked Environments

  • describe the importance of risk assessment and auditing to network security.
  • discuss footprinting and network discovery tools.
  • explain how system scanners work.
  • describe how intruders access and take control of network resources.
  • describe the importance of auditing file system changes to monitor security breaches.
  • explain how to prevent intruders taking control of resources on a network.
  • use NetBus to execute applications and capture information.
  • detail different security log types and analyze their contents.
  • describe how to filter, store, and manage log files.
  • discuss audit assessment reports and compliance.
  • use tactics to detect unauthorized access to a Linux system.
  • enable and utilize a security log file.
  • discuss security standards.
  • describe how to make improvements to network security based on security audit feedback.
  • describe how to assess security requirements based on audit feedback.