Selenium and Java

Programmers and testers who want to use Selenium automated web testing with Java to test web applications


Expected Duration
83 minutes

Selenium is a set of tools that can be used to automate web testing with Java. In this course, you’ll explore how to set up a Selenium Java project, locate elements, check navigation, display, and input controls. You’ll also explore how to execute JavaScript from Java tests, work with Ajax elements, and take remote screenshots.


Creating Projects and Locating Elements

  • start the course
  • create a Selenium Java project
  • find exact elements in Selenium Java projects
  • search for many page elements in Selenium Java projects

Popups and Multiple Windows

  • check popups in Selenium Java tests
  • work with multiple windows in Selenium Java tests

Drag and Drop and Input Data

  • use drag and drop in Selenium Java tests
  • provide input data in Selenium Java tests

Links and Navigation

  • click links in Selenium Java tests
  • test navigation in Selenium Java projects

Display Elements and Appearance

  • validate display elements in Selenium Java projects
  • take a remote screenshot in a Selenium Java project

JavaScript, Ajax and Cookies

  • execute JavaScript from Selenium Java tests
  • work with Ajax elements in Selenium Java tests
  • use cookies in Selenium Java projects

Practice: Using Selenium and Java

  • use Selenium with Java





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