Selenium Automated Web Testing Fundamentals

Programmers and testers who want to use Selenium automated web testing to test web applications


Expected Duration
124 minutes

Selenium is a set of tools that can be used to automate browsers. In this course, you’ll explore the Selenium features for automated web testing. You’ll learn how to create test cases and suites with the Selenium IDE, using locators, patterns and variables, tweaking tests with JavaScript and debugging, and running tests.


Getting Started with Selenium

  • start the course
  • recognize features of the Selenium IDE
  • choose between Selenium assert and verify commands

Test Cases, Test Suites and IDE Controls

  • create basic Selenium test cases
  • create Selenium test suites
  • work with Selenium IDE controls


  • use XPath as a locator strategy with Selenium commands
  • use the DOM as a locator strategy with Selenium commands
  • use CSS selectors as a locator strategy with Selenium commands
  • use the Selenium IDE to locate elements

Patterns and Variables

  • use patterns as parameters in Selenium commands
  • use variables in Selenium scripts

Debugging and Running Tests

  • debug Selenium tests
  • run Selenium tests in any browser

Testing Page Elements

  • check input controls in the Selenium IDE
  • test list box functionality in the Selenium IDE
  • work with checkboxes in the Selenium IDE
  • check popups in the Selenium IDE
  • work with multIple windows in the Selenium IDE
  • use drag and drop in the Selenium IDE
  • testing links in the Selenium IDE

Practice: Basic Automated Web Testing using Selenium

  • check page elements in the Selenium IDE





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